BLOG #3 -

Ben Ottewell

(Of gomez)

“Gomez’s not-so-secret weapon is Ben Ottewell.” - Rolling Stone Magazine

“Ben Ottewell's voice is not of this world.” - GQ Magazine


Mr Ben Ottewell is best known as a member of ‘Gomez’, a British rock act whose debut album, ‘Bring It On’, won the Mercury Music Prize in 1998. Gomez never had a designated frontman, but Ottewell took the helm more than his bandmates, making him one of the group’s most prominent members. After releasing the band’s sixth album in 2009, Ben began paving the way for a solo career, and has been releasing his own material ever since.

After co-writing all of Gomez’ biggest hits, the singer who’s known as ‘One of England’s most powerful blues voices of modern times’ was asked if he approached song writing for his solo work differently than he does when writing for Gomez.

BO: "Yeah, it gives me a chance to write about different stuff. I think no matter how close you are with people when you are collaborating, and when you are young, you have a touch of self-conscious that you write a bit more ambivalently. Which I always like in song writing anyway when you're not quite sure – you are writing imagery rather than directly to the point. There was a lot of times in Gomez we would write more general songs rather than personal songs."


Since his first solo release, Shapes & Shadows (released by ATO, 2011), Ottewell has been pleasing audiences with a series of successful acoustic tours across the UK, US and Australia. And now, the singer is set to return to the road, performing his new music across a plethora of locations, including STRINGS BAR & VENUE ON THURSDAY THE 27TH OF OCTOBER 2022.

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